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Give a Pre-marital Counseling or Coaching gift to a loved one or to yourself…

Married CoupleOur professional pre-marital counselors and life coaching staff feature warm down to earth and an exceptionally inspirationally approaches to many complex issues of life, involving pre-marriage, marriage, family development and personal development on issues that matter deeply to you and your loved ones.  We feature practical pre-marital, marriage, family and relationship coaching to help you and those that matter to you, to help your relationships to grow and flourish.

Our advanced and specialized group of  associates have counseled and assisted humdreds of men, women and married couples regarding crisis in their family or marriage as pastors, counselors, marriage and family faith-based seminar instructors and  Corporate Business Keynote speakers. Our rates are very competitive, we feature a preferred introductory discount special for a personal coaching make-over rate of only $65.00 per hour (a 20% savings) for our new clients for their first hour.    (Sorry insurance not accepted.) 

We feature Board Certified Counselors through American Association of Christian Counselors – A.A.C.C.  Our advanced professional coaches and counselors specialize in pre-marital, marriage, family, parenting, and professional personalized coaching services.

Our experienced advanced team of associates at Coach Me To Win! are experienced in training on challenging subjects such as, marriage conflict, infidelity & divorce, family trauma and stress, family and career changes, marriage coaching and pre-marital counseling.

Corporkeeweeboy100300117[1]ate Consulting for Business & Media

If your are a part of a company’s leadership staff or a Human Resource Manger, or business owner, you know that everyone including your staff members need someone to talk to at one time or another about life’s challenges.  Whether single, married, divorced, serving as a corporate business leader or valued staff team member, the need for professional personal coaching or confidential family counseling as a means to sustain one’s personal productivity and is a vital help part for staff and  goes a long way in helping with an individual’s productivity.

5834452-closeup-of-a-thoughtful-happy-middle-aged-business-man-looking-away[1]By scheduling an on site company counseling visit or an in office appointment images[5]with Coach Me To Win! or Company Care Associates Counselors at one of our corporate counseling offices for a few effective sessions of solid, sound, Professional Counseling and /or Life Coach assistance, our clients report of being able to operate at higher levels of personal peak performance, increased performance on the job.   This valuable life assistance helps them to provide the edge to excel through life’s challenges, while being active team players on the job and solidly engaged with their peers, spouse and family members.

For employers, effectively caring for the personal & family counseling needs for valued nruboc080700147[1]employees, especially in a time of an employee’s rare personal crisis, through the company paid benefit of non compulsory counseling, just makes good business sense.

As a heads of households as well as corporate decision makers, your investment into one of our Coach Me To Win! or Company Care Associates Services as a benefit to your employees and management will help to foster a more emotionally healthy staff and a iofoto080900363[1]much more focused management team, positively benefiting your company’s bottom line.  Insurance or employer reimbursements are encouraged for those employees needing Company Care Associates counseling that is not covered through their normal insurance plans a employee benefit.  Ask your employer about your company’s employee counseling reimbursement program through Company Care Associates.

Perhaps Counseling or Coaching As A Company Provided Employee Benefit for your staff…

Having a Corporate Coach on call, or scheduled for regular visits to your work place, helps to promote company productivity and team work, while expressing coaching with care to any staff that request such services. Through an experienced, interested, sas12080300069[1]and caring third party from Coach Me To Win! and Company Care Associates, our trained Corporate Coaches and Counselors will be able to express your personal or your company’s management’s care for areas in your employee’s lives that never before was possible to express.

Providing marketing, management, and corporate consultations through our Excellence In Business consulting services, or our Media Elite Marketing Group, allows our clients to receive the full range of assistance available through our professional associates, provided with insightful wisdom and inspirational insight uniquely evident through our associates.   You, your staff or management will enjoy the supportive atmosphere and increased productivity at your workplace, knowing that you and your staff are are working with consultants that truly care about your firm’s success.  Besides, at Company Care Associates, “care” is our middle name.

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Several Western Washington & Oregon offices to serve you and your company’s counseling needs.  Also ask about our on-location visits, or our email E-Counseling and E-Coaching services at reasonable rates.


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