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                                   Policies and Disclaimers

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Initial appointments are made and confirmed by phone, email, or in person and appointment contacts to clients by any of these means.

Confirmations are made via email, mail or phone and counseling fees are pre-paid online or through the office via phone or in person prior to appointments. I understand that rescheduling of appointment cancellations are made upon request and are available as scheduling allows, no refunds for missed appointments. I understand and agree that Company Care Associate counselors may choose to invite an additional associate / counselor into any given counseling session, at any time, to provide additional input for the benefit of the client(s) when deemed necessary based on the judgment of the associate / counselor, at no additional charge to the client. These choices are made available to Company Care Associates counselors to help provide the most meaningful care for our clients.
Company Care Associates clients are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes before their counseling appointment time to complete any necessary paperwork prior to their counseling session. Company Care Associates policy of best practices suggests that clients plan on scheduling between 3 and 12 one hour appointments over a 6 month period of time for best counseling results in most cases. However, each case varies.
Company Care Associates reserve the right to match our clients with the best counselor / associate available at the company’s discretion. Our best practices include matching male with male and female with female associates / counselors in most cases. Company Care Associates reserves the right to refuse service for any reason deemed necessary at the discretion of the associates, counselors, and or management of Company Care Associates. Referrals to another counseling firm may or may be given to the client in these cases.

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