Company Employee Chaplain Benefits Plans

Company Care Associates

There are three options for Chaplain services for companies to choose from…

Company Crisis Retainer Plans – Monthly Care Plans

Customer Care Training Plans

Each plan is designed to help your company to express care to your staff through providing Company Care Associate Chaplain Services in a timely manner,especially in the midst of life’s challenges. Whether your firm’s needs require the need for Company Crisis Retainers, with On-Call Crisis Assistance Services in cases of employee /management crisis; or Monthly Care Plans with weekly, monthly or quarterly Chaplain one on one or group visits. Some companies choose to use of our Customer Care Specialized Training Sessions, with emphasis in customer care training, focusing on employee excellence, honesty and integrity in each session.

These work place enhancements plans have been proven to lead to fewer absences, lower turnover rates, and more productivity; reflected in higher profits. The results… fewer distractions on the job, better customer relations, fewer injuries in the company and a much more focused staff, resulting in less stress on your corporate management.

  Company Care Retainer Plans

Monthly Care Plans

 Our monthly care plans allow your staff to interact with our Chaplains on a regular basis, either weekly, bi-monthly or on a once a month cycle based on your company’s needs and the plan you choose. Each Chaplain visit is designed to build trust, confidence and a feeling of care that helps to make for a more pleasant and productive atmosphere.

Company Chaplain Plans

The cost for the Monthly Care Plans varies and are very reasonable, rates vary per employee per month, for companies large and small, from ten to over one thousand employees.  Call for an estimate.

Customer Care Training Plans

 The Customer Care Training Plans are designed specifically to train your staff and management on how to professionally embrace a corporate culture of excellence, honesty and integrity in their customer relations. These are proven attributes that foster brand loyalty and repeat client enhancements. Our Chaplains are business savvy as well as spiritual in nature with their approach to training and imparting ethics to staff members like yours… Helping them to adopt a morally healthy corporate lifestyle through the Company Care Seminars. All training is tailored to your company’s specific needs and desired outcome with the input of your management teams in close consideration in our planning.

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