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Founders Drs. Donald and Kathy Shorter and our many National Speakers and Life Coaches from Coach Me To Win and Company Care Associates are teaching audiences to Win through every circumstance in life!

Donald Shorter has over 30 years of professional broadcasting and public speaking experience.  As a seasoned broadcaster on ABC Network affiliates for Radio and Television, he has spoken to millions of people in various venues. Dr. Shorter and many of the Company Care Associates staff have spoken as Key Note speakers for many corporate training sessions, U.S. Military Training Facilities, International Ministry Conferences, and state and local engagements involving subjects from never giving up, never quitting, and training, to win in personal, marriage, professional and corporate stages of life.  He personally, has successfully spoken at over 5,000 conferences, seminars, training sessions and conventions over the past 25 years.

He speaks on various subjects involving winning in any situations involving business marriage and family life. Dr. Don Shorter hosts a weekly television and radio program entitled “Don And Kathy Live!”  Each week, Don and Kathy Shorter bring over 40 years of successful marriage tips and experience to their television and radio audiences on the subjects of marriage, family, parenting and relationships through their television broadcasts and on radio as well as through the Worldwide Web on “Don and Kathy Live“.
Drs. Don and Kathy Shorter are both authors of serveral books including “Winning Against All Odds” and “Take Control of Your Thoughts”, Guard Your Heart, as well as many other books, publications, and training materials.  Their training materials and audio and digital video teaching materials are used by corporations, governmental agencies, and ministry organizations around the world to assist in winning in every situation imaginable.
Dr. Shorter is the founder of “Soldier To Soldier” a military outreach program designed to help to “Buddy” with military personnel and their family members that may need counseling and assistance while being “state side”, through career, marriage and family counseling and PTSD conseling assistance handeled in a completely confidential setting with excellent expertise.
Kathy Shorter has over 28 years of experience in helping individuals overcome life’s setbacks.  Disappointments, hurts, and deceptions, of many kinds along with real or perceived fears, plague many people in various forms.  Dr. Kathy L. Shorter has helped scores of individuals through her nationally and internationally received speaking presentations surrounding how to overcome the emotional challenges that causes many people to become unproductive in life’s pursuits and goals.
Kathy’s many books and training tools, including her vitally important book “Guard Your Heart”, has been used successfully by individuals and corporations as powerful tools in the pursuit of lifelong happiness, and has helped thousands upon thousands of people to pick up the pieces of their lives, after hurt and disappointment, to begin to win in life again.

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