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Success in Families and Marriage begins with a lot of Love, Communications & plenty of Commitment…




Our many experienced and effective marriage counselors and coaches are trained to the highest standards to help couples and individuals with life’s complex family problems including, marriage and pre-marital counseling, family dispute resolution and reconciliation, parenting assistance and counseling, post divorce coaching and much, much more.

While picking up the pieces of a failed relationship our professional counselors and coaches intertwine may insightful life and valuable proven tips to help you move past conflict and get on with enjoyment of your relationships.   Their professional yet down to earth and warm approach to many complex issues of life will keep you smiling as they bring new insights and great practical marriage and pre-marriage tips to help you and relationships to, grow and flourish.

Let us share some of our valuable marriage tip of success with you…

Each of our Lead Family and Marriage Associates holds a Counseling Degree or Doctorate in Ministry Degree in the related fields of counseling they are assigned to and are well prepared to train and counsel on marriage.  Each associate has 15- 40 years or more of successful marriage and family experience behind them as married couples. For decades our associates have delivered a wealth of healthy marriage insights from coast to coast and internationally to couples from all backgrounds and have earned the distinction of being know as marriage menders.

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About our Team of Presenters:
Our advanced and specialized group of  associates have counseled and assisted thousands of men, women and married couples regarding crisis in their family or marriage as pastors, counselors, and marriage and family faith based seminar instructors.

We feature Board Certified Counselors through the American Association of Christian Counselors, (AACC) upon request, these advanced counselors specializing in marriage, family, child raising, and military family counseling involving military deployment issues.

Our experienced advanced team of associates at Company Care Associates are experienced in training on challenging subjects such as, marriage conflict, infidelity & divorce, family trauma and stress, family and career changes, marriage coaching and pre-marital counseling.

Enjoy the refreshing direction your marriage will take with our C.C.A Counselors, it will be an entertaining time of discovery and enlightenment involving a spiritual foundation for a successful marriage, family and home life.  These reflective sessions are designed especially to help married couples in search of vital answers to many of the practical marriage questions couples often ask.

All counseling appointments are confirmed via return email. Simply submit your suggested donation for an upcoming counseling appointment by clicking to our Company Care Associates suggested prepayment / donation page below, (Managed by Northco Development Inc.) Your counselor’s name, counseling date, time and place will be sent to you via return email.

Note: Appointment cancellations, or re-scheduling requests are to be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time and date being requested if at all possible. Re-scheduling of appointment cancellations available upon request, as scheduling allows, no refunds for missed appointments.  To pre-pay for your upcoming counseling appointment and to receive your counseling confirmation date, time & place information click here.

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