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With the ever increasing changes in the global cadence of crisis and trauma in our lands, it is obvious that a concerted effort must be made to rush counseling and humanitarian help to those hurting, across America and around the world… but how?  Many disasters occur in remote areas far from major airports without scheduled flights.

Also, In a crisis, many times major airports are damaged along with the infrastructure that provides services to them rendering them unusable.  General aviation, (i.e.)  light jets, turbo props, single engine, light twin engine aircraft and non military helicopters are increasingly being encouraged to become the default resources as the vital answers to the “how” questions for transportation, that arise for the needed transportation in delivering time critical, supplies, aid and even crisis counselors to the hurting.  That is where we come in…

The critical first 48 hours in crisis is the target trauma time for critical counseling and the recovery efforts are continued well beyond that time, during these increasingly critical times, during these very crippling traumatic events, getting there is the main challenge.

In the counseling world, it is common knowledge that the first 24 – 48 hour window after a traumatic event the need for counseling is greatest, along with care, comfort and assistance, actually, in the long run, it is the most critical times for dealing with and preventing long term (P.T.S.D.) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as the continual emotional and mental damage it leaves behind with those suffering from a traumatic event.

Utilizing smaller aircraft makes it possible to transport humanitarian aid, conduct infrastructure examinations of bridges, power grids, dams, concrete structures and the need to strategically place trained crisis counselors and supplies quickly, to those in need.  Many times almost  immediately when a disaster strikes, major airports are closed, sometimes for days or weeks at a time.  Many General Aviation (GA), aircraft, (smaller aircraft) are designed to land in very small airports and airstrips, even beach heads, and grass strips in the times of crisis, and are able to beat “the critical time crisis clock” by hours, days or even weeks.

Flight Care Global Network works as an end times outreach, to help coordinate transportation and vital crisis counseling services to those hurting across the nation and around the world…  that is what we do.

The Flight Care Global Network, was founded by Commercial Pilots with the vision of able to established humanitarian services that are coordinated by the employees, associates and volunteers of Company Care Associates, Northco Development Inc., and Future Aviators and their partnering agencies and corporate partners to provide timely crisis transportation assistance and counseling services through the F.C.G. network.  Funding for these humanitarian community efforts are underwritten by corporate and private tax deductible donations to Future Aviators @ www.FutureAviators.com.

F.C.G. is consistently preparing for assistance services, by networking with pilots, aircraft owners, professional crisis counselors, volunteer support personnel, Pastoral – Chaplain Volunteers, and by coordinating supplies and medicines that provide the supplies and personnel that is critically needed and requested when disasters strike, at home, or abroad.

Because “getting there” for “crisis counseling”, once “arriving there” are our main reasons for the services of the F.C.G. network, we train for these two areas of emphasis, strongly.

Flight Care Global relies on donated aircraft, funds, associated pilots, and volunteers, so, we are consistently recruiting those interested in joining our list of associated volunteers for on-call emergencies.  We need humanitarian donations to assistance us in keeping our equipment and personnel ready for dispatch, upon notification of needs.   All these efforts are designed to be in place in short order, to provide care when it is needed most, in times of disasters, trauma, and crisis situations.  Flight Care Global volunteer coordinators work with well established existing humanitarian agencies to assist them with providing emergency transportation as needed, to help to transport  volunteer professional counselors, supplies and support, alongside   relief volunteers workers from various agencies.

Flight Care Global is committed to bringing counselors, comfort and supplies to hurting people, expeditiously after hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, wildfires, and all types of other disasters that are on the increase globally.  To become a volunteer counselor, pilot or one of our support assistants, or to donate an aircraft, relief supplies simply email CompanyCareAssociates@yahoo.com. To make a cash donation today (before the next disaster strikes), click here and donate to Fight Care Global Network.  Thank you.

Flight Care Global Network is a volunteer coordination service agency of Company  Care Associates.


To find out more, contact our coordinating associates at Flight Care Global Network, and show the world you care to bring comfort to others.  Consider making a donation of aircraft or funds to Company Care Associates humanitarian efforts by clicking here or emailing our offices for more details CompanyCareAssociates@yahoo.com  Help us to send comfort and care to those hurting around the world!


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